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Umedi continues

Our educational project is therefore settled for girls at ayalde and for boys at munabe.


As a result of umedi educational years, they get a good start at primary education. When finishing the pre-school education they count with a good background to begin with readied and writing, essential mathematical skill, handle basic messages in english and euskera as well as growing in autonomy based in achieved habits.


In order to mitigate the adaptation to ayalde and munabe, different activities such as sport competitions has being taken place for many years, including the summer courses.


The information related with primary adaptation, are shared among umedi, ayalde and munabe teachers. The tit (technical inter-department teams) has the purpose to coordinate objectives, contents, activities, educational material and methodological tools between the teachers of these two educational courses.


Considering pre-school and primary share the same educational project.

The passing form one to another is taken as absolutely natural.


The optimum period to begin with the outline of solid characters runs form 0 to 6 years is indeed known.


Being the first three years the most important due to the fact that by this age the brain has matured and developed by 50 % of its capability. Therefore our centre has an educational project that emphasize directly in the early educational system.

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