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About us

Umedi is a primary school with almost 20 years of experience along with dedication.


Our school is sited in indautxu, just in the centre of bilbao. In 1994 a group of parents together with expert educators, decided to create an educational community with the goal of providing a quality education to our society.


Our centre is part of the educational group coas, which includes six secondary schools and four primary schools in bizkaia, guipuzkoa and la rioja. The group was implemented 40 years ago and along these years it has achieved such a position as to become an educational reference in these autonomous communities.


Umedi offers a comprehensive pedagogical project so that boys and girls enjoy while learning in a loving and personalized care environment. Our aim is to maximize the students potential through the early learning system. The optimum educational period runs form 0 to 8 years, being the first three years the most important due to the fact that by this age the brain has matured and developed by 50 % of its capability. Therefore our centre has an educational project that emphasize directly in the early learning system.


Approved by the basque government, umedi is an education centre for boys/girls ranging from 0 to six years that commits with a comprehensive educational project according to the necessities at these ages.


Umedi works with the educational model and methodology owned by COAS.

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